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Jesse Ragan rounds out Aglet Slab with Aglet Sans

Aglet Sans, a technical face with a human touch, new from XYZ Type and now on Type Network.

Aglet Sans, like its precursor Aglet Slab, was drawn in response to repeated client requests for a typeface that felt both technical and human. Jesse Ragan sensitively redrew a more streamlined and less modulated version of Aglet Slab that sprang from the same ethos as its predecessor: roundness is its disposition, not mere embellishment. Similarly narrow and straight-sided, Aglet Sans playfully exploits a system of angles and corner radiuses to arrive at a vocabulary of shapes that become more diverse and intriguing as they grow heavier.

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Like its slab precursor, Aglet Sans comes in seven weights with matching italics. Ragan added alternates for the a and g and simplified versions of the i, j, and l for cohesive typesetting with Aglet Slab.

Yet Aglet Sans also stands decidedly on its own. Ragan hasn’t simply lopped off serifs—he has thoroughly and sensitively redrawn the face, making the disconnected R, K, and k (which spotlight the face’s high-tech tendencies) more conspicuous. The unique entrance and exit strokes of i, j, and l play off the jaunty 45-degree-angled entry strokes of n, m, p, and r, creating fascinating interactions of form and counterform. Aglet Sans also has lower contrast than Aglet Slab and is more legible at smaller sizes, down to 12pt in print and 14px on the web. This makes it perfect for text, though it still retains enough verve and idiosyncrasy to perform well in decks, headlines, and even larger display settings or environmental graphics.

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While they share the same DNA, Aglet Slab and Aglet Sans have enough personality to stand apart.

Like all XYZ Type fonts, Aglet Sans is available for print, web, applications, and ePub licensing. Webfonts may be tested free for thirty days; desktop trials are available upon request. License the entire Aglet superfamily at a discounted price generously offered by XYZ Type.